Frequently Asked Questions

  • AGPOM members can inherently improve their overall control of property and business risk.
  • AGPOM helps your company “Go Green”.  Going green is good for the planet, your local community and your bottom line.
  • When you purchase a Distinguished umbrella policy, your membership status with AGPOM makes you eligible for various pricing credits with partner vendors such as consultants and insurance providers.
  • Increasingly, companies are under pressure to participate in the Green Movement.  This pressure is coming from customers, employees and the government. AGPOM provides tools and resources specifically selected to help alleviate that pressure.
We offer the AGPOM Green Property Plans which cater to owners and managers of buildings.  The AGPOM Green Tenant Plans apply to tenants of commercial buildings.  Both plans concentrate primarily on behavioral changes to your operation that directly result in utility savings and a lower carbon footprint. Once you commit to one of the plans, you are granted “Level II” membership status and further membership benefits.
The online Risk Management Center helps to minimize incidents and near misses and saves money on potential insurance claims.

Discounts on professional services such as Insurance, Sustainability Consultants and Business Lawyers.

From lower utility bills to more productive employees, taking on corporate sustainability measures has proven to increase profitability. See Benefits of Going Green on our resources page for more details.

AGPOM’s mission is driven by simplification.  The Green Movement continues to grow and evolve. Many are overwhelmed by the sea of information out there.  We provide a simple, cost-effective solution to this problem.  Further, many of our products and services are proprietary and can only be accessed by risk purchasing group members.
Once you commit to one of the AGPOM Green Property Plans, we will send you an impressive member plaque for display in your reception area.  We will also send you a member seal which can be used on your website and other marketing material.  Both are valuable tools for demonstrating your commitment to others and enhancing your image in the marketplace. 
Yes, the insurance program is available to all members. Greater discounts are available for properties following an AGPOM Property Plan and/or with third-party certification such as LEED or TripAdvisor GreenLeader designation.
AGPOM offers you a pre-qualified network of expert sustainability consultants that can take you to the next level. Furthermore, these consultants provide their services at a discounted rate to risk purchasing group members. Also, parts of the AGPOM Plan directly support LEED and other certification programs for Green Buildings.  Becoming an AGPOM member contributes to those certifications.
No, AGPOM does not offer building certification. We do however recommend the following:

  • US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification Program
  • Energy Star
  • Trip Advisor’s GreenLeader Program

Other certification resources can be found on our resources page.