Vision, Mission and History


Our vision is to become a recognized leader within the green movement known for establishing and leveraging direct connections between sustainability and risk management for the benefit of our members.



Our mission is to build awareness and stimulate use of green building practices and other risk mitigation techniques in order to increase the security and profitability of property owners and managers nationwide.

Through AGPOM risk purchasing group members gain:

  1. Awareness, education and recognition for green building behaviors.
  2. Access to innovative risk management and insurance products and services.
  3. Strength, stability and goodwill.



AGPOM was organized to promote Green Movement awareness and involvement among property owners and managers in all 50 states. AGPOM was established in June of 2009 in Bellevue, Washington and launched nationally September 2009. The association’s formation was fueled by:

  • A shared desire among our directors to protect the natural environment by promoting the benefits of Going Green to property owners, managers and tenants.
  • Recognition of an undeniable overlap between Going Green and effective management of business risk.



  • Evolution: We embrace environmental evolution as not only a value, but a necessity. Sustainability cannot be achieved without an inherent change in the thinking of people and businesses.
  • Impact: Our leadership within this movement drives participation among our membership, and also with our business partners and our employees. Our efforts must create a lasting impact among them all.
  • Dedication: We are proactively focused on reaching our mission. We are dedicated to fostering a member-oriented culture by working closely with our members to better integrate sustainability into their underlying business goals.
  • Collaboration: AGPOM encourages and supports teamwork and cooperation in pursuit of our mission. A concept as wide reaching as sustainability can only be achieved through ongoing collaboration and information sharing among people and other groups around the world.