AGPOM Offers Sustainability Risk Management Certificate Program

Tara Hughes March 24, 2015 Stephen Bushnell + Associates No comments

Sustainability Risk management

AGPOM has partnered with Poplar Network to offer members a 20% discount on the Sustainability Risk Management (SRM) Certificate Program with industry expert, Stephen Bushnell. 

The Sustainable Risk Management Course is designed for green building practitioners, businesses and organizations concerned with sustainability, insurers and insurance agents and anyone with an interest in learning more about the intersection of risk management and green/sustainable strategies.

The comprehensive four-week online program consists of four modules, each exploring a different facet of sustainability and risk management. It also offers access to a live curriculum with Stephen Bushnell, a seasoned insurance industry executive who was one of the first to see and act on the connections between economic and risk management benefits of green building.

Upon completion, participants will have a deeper level of understanding of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) as it pertains to sustainability and green buildings and receive a Certificate of Sustainability Risk Management.

By registering for this Certificate Program, participants are able to obtain an important level of understanding to quantify, underwrite, mitigate and evaluate green risk transfer and management techniques. When enrolling be sure to inquire about the AGPOM Member 20% Discount!

Read the full press release here

To learn more about the Sustainability Risk Management Certificate Program click here.

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