Delight guests with sustainability and reap benefits

Tara Hughes April 18, 2016 Distinguished Programs No comments

Colorful garden and pathThe Green Edge By Dina Belon

If you look at sustainability from an operating savings perspective, you are overlooking its biggest value: Creating extraordinary moments with your guests.

Guests want individualized experiences, and a sustainability strategy is one of the best ways to create these customized experiences. Here are opportunities that hoteliers overlook every day:

Energy management systems

Energy management systems (EMS) are evaluated through return on investment from energy savings, and they easily pay back the investment in one to three years. What are you missing? Their biggest value: They give your guests an opportunity to feel good and individualize their experience. The EMS isn’t just an internal system – it’s an amenity and an opportunity to engage with your guests. Imagine the power of telling every guest that your property offers a system that allows them to fully customize their room comfort (and here’s the kicker) from their cell phone. They may or may not care that the EMS will reduce the carbon footprint of their travel, but they will love their customized experience. And, if they do care about carbon, then you can give them real-time feedback of their CO2 savings. If they don’t want to customize their room comfort, there are easy ways to set it to default settings and just save you money.


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