Green practices to hit your sustainability goals

Tara Hughes March 16, 2016 Distinguished Programs No comments


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Sustainability has been on the minds of hoteliers for as long as it has affected hotel guests, but it wasn’t until the late 2000s that the switch to sustainable business practices was profitable enough for the idea to “tip” in the eyes of operators.

Ronald Lewis, associate brand manager at The Dial Corporation, a producer of personal care and cleaning products for hotels, said that hotels are more interested in sustainable products than ever before, with the majority of attention being paid to recyclable materials in the hotel guestroom and strategies to reduce water useage and the overall carbon footprint.

For Dial, the biggest shift has been in the reduction of packaging used in bar soap and bath-related products in the guestroom, which often contain scarce amounts of actual product but take up a sizable space in the hotel dumpster after a guest’s stay. Simple switches, such as eliminating plastic bags from packaging and switching to biodegradable materials such as cardboard boxes or recyclable goods are very attractive for hotels.


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