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Here you will find green resources including the history of Green Buildings, “What is a Green Building” plus a Green Glossary of definitions and a list of Resource Links.

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Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Tool 2015: Energy, Water, and Carbon

The hotel industry will be able to compare ranges of energy and water use, as well as carbon footprint, using a new tool from the Center for Hospitality Research (CHR). Developed by researchers Howard Chong and Eric Ricaurte, the “Hotel Sustainability Tool 2015” is available from the CHR at no charge. Chong is an assistant professor at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, and Ricaurte is the founder of Greenview and an adjunct instructor at New York University’s Tisch Center.

• Provide credible benchmarks according to industry-specific segmentation and metrics globally;

• Provide industry data analysis, using a confidential data set maintained by an academic center that will not be shared with third parties or used commercially; and

• Work toward establishing a commonly defined, transparent, and rigorous method for modeling energy and water usage based on hotel-specific attributes and data that are applicable and current.

 Hotel Sustainability Tool 2015.xlsx (1186 kB)

Green Building Series

In our green building series you will find information about:  What is a Green Building, Green Certification, Practical Tips for Managing Risk, Green Leasing, Third-Party Certifications, Green Building Trends and National Green Building Code.

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