Energy Efficiency

Over the past five years, an average company’s energy costs have risen from 15-30 percent. Many are surprised to learn that the primary factor in reducing energy costs lies not with technological investment but with management’s behavioral guidance. A commitment to reduce costs through proper energy management and an effective implementation and behavioral program should be the first priority over substantial investment in green technology.

The AGPOM Green Behavioral Property Plan represents the first step in making the behavioral shift. Other energy efficiency guidance and suggestions are listed below:

Energy Star


The Energy Star program continues to offer in-depth and cost effective advice.

ENERGY STAR is about more than products. In fact, since 1992, EPA has also worked with organizations to help them save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making their buildings and plants more energy efficient.

Every year, they’re saving more than $9 billion and preventing nearly 120 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering our atmosphere. Learn how ENERGY STAR can help you create a better building, a better bottom line, and a better world

Among their vast information, which is made freely available to Partners like AGPOM, we recommend the following:

Non-Energy Star Tip Sheets and White Papers