Multifamily Property Articles

Solar Power Benefits for Apartments, Condos

If you think powering a multiunit residential building with solar energy is only fo rthose living in sunny West Coast towns, think again.  Apartments and condominiums worldwide are beginning to reap the benefits of solar power technology.

Green Multifamily and Single Family Homes: Growth in a Recovering Market

In 2014, McGraw Hill Construction Dodge estimates that single family and multifamily housing projects will account for about 45% of the value of construction projects started in the United States, with single family housing making up the lion’s share of the residential projects.  For green building to transform the construction industry fully, the housing market must be a core part of its growth.

Trending: A Look At Smoke-Free Apartments, Multifamily Units

For property owners looking to attract new tenants and keep existing ones happy, they’re implementing one of several options when it comes to smoke-free buildings. Some buildings are going entirely smoke-free, either by a policy voluntarily adopted by building management or by local ordinance. Other communities are adopting ordinances to require no smoking in all or a certain percentage of the private units of multifamily housing.

Water Management for Multifamily Properties

A recent article in MultiHousing News discussed the savings that managers of multifamily properties realize with smart water management. The article featured an interview with a company that offers a cloud-based landscape irrigation management system.

ENERGY STAR adds multifamily buildings to constellation

In mid-September, multifamily buildings will now have the opportunity to submit via Portfolio Manager for a score, through the 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR score for multifamily buildings. All properties scoring above a 75 may be eligible to earn ENERGY STAR certification.

CoStar finds higher value in LEED certified apartment buildings

Apartment developers spend countless hours attempting to determine the features and attributes that will contribute the most to the value of their buildings, or the premium they can charge for rents. Decisions about the design, features or location of an apartment building are many times dictated by the attribute that will result in the highest returns.

Quantifying Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Rental Housing

This article, from the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, outlines the history of the sustainability movement in Multifamily Housing.

Why You Should Green Certify Your Apartments

Many certification programs are available that add value to multifamily communities.

Apartment Buildings Benefit from Sustainability (Newness and Affordability Too)

A recent academic study finds evidence that owners of apartment buildings with certain sustainability features are less likely to default on their mortgages.

Convert Your HOA to Solar Power with These Four Steps

With overwhelming evidence that carbon emissions are a major contributor to global warming, people are now looking at home improvement to decrease their amount of carbon emissions, and your homeowners association can too.

It Just Makes Cents: The 6 Reasons to Secure a Green Building Certification

Planning to build a new multifamily building? Before you finalize your construction plans, consider going green. Sounds pricey, doesn’t it? Truth is: it can save you money in the long run and help you attract new, responsible tenants in the short term.