Commercial Office Building Articles

The Economics of Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate

Numerous studies have shown that retrofitting an office building with energy efficiency improvements can significantly reduce operating costs, yet many existing office buildings have not been retrofitted.

Investing in Sustainable Design

New technologies help developers save the environment – and money.

10 Reasons to Sign a Green Office Lease

From reducing utility consumption and saving money to enhancing corporate image and brand, there are many reasons why tenants should be interested in signing a Green Office Lease.

A Building Not Just Green, but Practically Self-Sustaining

The Bullitt Center, located in Seattle, WA, has been touted as the “Greenest Commercial Building in the World.”  The goal of the Bullitt Center is to drive change in the marketplace faster and further by showing what’s possible today. The era of harm reduction, half steps, and lesser evils is behind us. As a society, we need to be bold in ways that were once unimaginable.

What is the Point of a Green Building?

Green building has become big business, but at its core it must remain about transforming the marketplace to ever-higher levels of environmental and social performance. Otherwise it is just window dressing.

Better Faster More – Toward Sustainable Cities

Deep green buildings are a necessary component of resilient cities, and resilient cities are a strategic necessity if the current generation is to pass on a diverse, habitable planet to the next. Click 

Green Insurance Protecting A Property’s Reputation in the Event of Decertification

Building and operating green multifamily buildings is not only a sound practice from a societal standpoint, it is a smart move from a business point of view. Increasingly, owners and managers view buildings that are green as both more cost-efficient and more attractive to potential renters and buyers.

Applying research to boost productivity in your office

Is your office a “Best Place To Work”—and a green one? The two should go together.

The past, the present, and the future of sustainability reporting in the global real estate sector

With increased societal focus on resource scarcity, the need for de-carbonization, and the effects of climate change, investors have become increasingly aware of the implications of these, generally longer term, megatrends.