Your risk purchasing group membership provides free access to the online Risk Management Center platform

  • Access a best practices safety library
  • Train employees online
  • Track and report incidents
  • Build a behavior-based safety program
  • Protect against liability through certificate of insurance management
  • Comply with OSHA and other regulatory bodies
  • Create job descriptions
  • Maintain an up-to-date list of Safety Data Sheets
  • Implement an HR program
  • and much more



AGPOM partners with Distinguished Programs allowing our members the opportunity to become eligible for discounted, specialty insurance coverage that is specific to green buildings and environmental sustainability-focused behaviors.

By partnering with Distinguished, AGPOM leverages the highlights of their value proposition:

  • Innovative Program Design
  • Lower-Cost Pricing Models
  • National Capability
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Relentless Service Standards
  • Strong Carrier Relationships
  • Long Experience in Program Management

All member classes of business are eligible for the insurance program.


The AGPOM Green Behavorial Property Plans are are designed for newcomers to the movement that want to get started, as well as Green veterans interested in leveraging the benefits of their risk purchasing group membership. Reduce operating costs, your carbon footprint and increase property values by following AGPOM’s Behavioral-based green property plans. Property and Tenant Plans are available for:

  • Hotel and Resorts
  • Office Buildings
  • Multifamily Properties
  • Retail and Restaurants

By committing to the guidelines of the plan, risk purchasing group members are granted Level II Membership status which makes them eligible for the following:

  • Premium credits from AGPOM insurers
  • Use of the AGPOM Member Seal for web sites or advertising
  • AGPOM Membership Certificate which can be prominently displayed to document participation


Through a unique partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), AGPOM creates incentive for members to “green” their business by asking our vendor partners to dedicate a portion of their revenue to purchasing REC’s in the name of risk purchasing group members.

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 1998, BEF is a national, nonprofit organization. In 2000, they helped to create the voluntary market for carbon offsets by closing the first retail REC trade deal with the Environmental Protection Agency. They also launched the first online carbon calculator in 2001.

With BEF Carbon Offsets, organizations and individuals are able to dedicate funds to the development of renewable energy sources like solar power and wind farms. And this in turn, helps us all reduce the carbon footprints we leave behind.


BEF’s mission is to support the development of renewable energy while empowering people to shrink their carbon footprint.


Click HERE to see all of AGPOM’s Online Education Offerings


BOMI International (the Independent Institute for Property and Facility Management Education) offers risk purchasing group members 10% savings on a variety of sustainability courses, competency-enhancing certificate programs, and industry-recognized designations specifically for property and facility management professionals.

About BOMI:  BOMI International, a nonprofit educational organization founded in 1970, provides critical education and expertise to industry personnel with property, facility, building systems management, and sustainability responsibilities.


poplar network logo

Poplar Network is the world’s leading network for people who work on LEED and green building projects. Their education services include LEED Exam Preparation, GreenStep Education, LEED Credential Courses and Continued Education plus Sustainability Risk Management Certificate Courses. Risk purchasing group members receive 20% savings on Poplar Education services.


AGPOM’s aggregation of information, trends and ongoing initiatives focuses on  environmentally sustainable property management and business operations. Our Monthly Newsletter and Blog features various articles from sustainability professionals including Stephen Bushnell + Associations and Strategic Sustainability Consulting. Also find and follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for current updates.

Research Library:

AGPOM’s research library contains reference material, tips and articles covering articles on Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, and Waste Minimization. In addition we have added articles specific to the Hospitality, Multifamily, Office Buildings and Retail Properties.

Green Resources:

Find information on the definitions of “What is a Green Building” and other sustainability terms in our Green Glossary, or access the list of helpful Resource Links. Also learn from valuable Risk and Sustainability articles.

AGPOM has partnered with Stephen Bushnell + Associates and Strategic Sustainability Consulting. These preferred sustainability consultant partners offer a discounted rate for risk purchasing group members.

ssc banner

Strategic Sustainability Consulting provides under-resourced organizations with the tools and expertise needed to understand and manage their social and environmental impacts. Through sustainability assessments, green office auditing, supply chain management, stakeholder consultations, sustainability disclosure and social marketing, SSC helps organizations embrace their larger societal responsibilities and be the good corporate citizens to which they aspire.  Find out more at

SBA logo

Stephen Bushnell + Associates is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate issues through best practice principals of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Their company specializes in helping businesses, governments and non-profits translate environmental, energy other sustainability challenges into the fundamentals of enterprise risk management – delivering clear and actionable strategies that help clients create and protect value. Contact: Stephen Bushnell



With a host of  leading law offices around the country that specialize in the emerging green industry, this firm if available to make related legal services to risk purchasing group members at a preferred rate.

Perkins Coie attorneys will help risk purchasing group members develop and implement green strategies effectively suited to their particular business including:

  • Green Building Certification and Related Design Standards including LEED® and Energy Star® compliance
  • Green Leasing
  • Real Estate Acquisition, Development, Design and Construction Agreements
  • Sustainable Project Financing
  • Government, Private and Non-Profit Incentives for Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Project Entitlements, Permits, Zoning, Approvals and Regulatory Compliance

Contact Craig Gilbert at Perkins Coie. 425.635.1415 or


Start reducing your carbon footprint and gain recognition.