Risk Management Center

The Risk Management Center is secure, web-based and contains a suite of safety and risk management tools designed to facilitate all aspects of your organization’s risk prevention efforts. Click here to preview the complimentary tools available as a risk purchasing group member.



Green Insurance

AGPOM Members can access specialty insurance products through a partnership with Distinguished Programs. Distinguished is a national insurance program administrator with a focus on the commercial real estate  industry with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Distinguished offers green insurance premium credits for green properties. Learn more here.

AGPOM’s Green Behavioral Property Plans feature easy-to-use guides designed for newcomers to sustainability that want to get started, as well as green properties interested in leveraging the benefits of being a risk purchasing group member. Click here to view the plans available for your property type.



Renewable Energy Program

Through a unique partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), AGPOM creates incentive for members to “green” their business by asking our vendor partners to dedicate a portion of their revenue to purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in the name of risk purchasing group members. Click here to learn more about RECs and how green power purchases work.


Industry News

Collection and aggregation of information, trends and ongoing initiatives focused on  environmentally sustainable property management and business operations. Features AGPOM’s Monthly Newsletter and Blog Articles from our Partners Stephen Bushnell + Associations and Strategic Sustainability Consulting. Read the latest news by clicking here.

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