Green Insurance Partner:


AGPOM Members can access specialty insurance products through a partnership with Distinguished Programs. Distinguished Programs is a national insurance program administrator with a focus on the commercial real estate industry with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The claims experience of property owners and managers is directly related to green building behavioral initiatives. Engaged members qualify for custom credits in the AGPOM Insurance Program.

By partnering with Distinguished Programs, AGPOM leverages the highlights of their value proposition:

  • Innovative Program Design
  • Lower-Cost Pricing Models
  • National Capability
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Relentless Service Standards
  • Strong Carrier Relationships
  • Long Experience in Program Management


AGPOM Group Insurance Facility

AGPOM’s insurance plan is specifically designed to address the unique needs of our membership. In addition to various “Green” coverage endorsements, the premium rates have discounts available depending upon individual member commitment to Green practices. While member commitment to one of the AGPOM Green Property Plans is not required to access the insurance program, the greater the member’s commitment, the lower the insurance cost.

All member classes of business are eligible for the insurance program.

  • Hotel and Resorts
  • Real Estate
  • Habitational
  • Casino


 Be aware that this program is available only through retail agents and brokers. If interested, we’ll refer you to a partner retailer in your area.