Legal Services Partner:





AGPOM has partnered with Perkins Coie. With a host of  leading law offices around the country that specialize in the emerging green industry, this firm if available to make related legal services to association members at a preferred rate. Perkins Coie attorneys will help AGPOM members develop and implement green strategies effectively suited to their particular business.

Here are a few examples of areas where our legal partners can help AGPOM members:

  • Green Building Certification and Related Design Standards including LEED® and Energy Star® compliance.
  • Green Leasing.
  • Real Estate Acquisition, Development, Design and Construction Agreements.
  • Sustainable Project Financing.
  • Government, Private and Non-Profit Incentives for Sustainable Development.
  • Sustainable Project Entitlements, Permits, Zoning, Approvals and Regulatory Compliance.

Discounts on these services are available to AGPOM Level II & III members. Your membership number can be used to obtain the AGPOM discount. Those interested should contact Craig Gilbert at Perkins Coie.

About Perkins Coie:

Perkins Coie, llp is a leading national law firm offering its clients a full spectrum of legal services relating to green and sustainable projects, including legal strategies, implementation and compliance. The lawyers in its thirteen US offices provide counsel to individuals and businesses in every major legal area relating to green and sustainable projects, ranging from commercial, real estate, and regulatory law to litigation and dispute resolution.

Contact Info;

Craig Gilbert
Perkins Coie llp
10885 NE Fourth Street, Suite 700
Bellevue, WA 98004