SSC Releases Latest Case Study on Producing a Carbon Footprint and Full Carbon Disclosure Project Report for a Consumer Products Manufacturing Firm

The SSC Team October 4, 2016 Strategic Sustainability Consulting No comments

SSC is working with C&S Products, Inc., a pioneer and leader in the wild bird suet, bird seed, and squirrel feeding products and industry, to deliver the company’s first carbon footprint calculation and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Report.

The reporting requirements for manufacturers serving large retail customers, such as Walmart and Target, continue to increase as the retail chains seek to provide more transparency for their own customers.

Many small-to medium-sized manufacturers do not have the in-house expertise to calculate an accurate carbon footprint and produce a valid CDP report.

Read our latest case study to see how the SSC team was able to guide the client’s team through the data gathering process, take the raw information and produce a complete carbon footprint and CDP report so C&S could get ahead of the game in terms of reporting up and keeping its largest customers happy

Contact us to talk about taking the first step toward navigating your industry-specific reporting requirements.


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