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More Risk Management News: Special Offer from Stephen Bushnell + Associates

Tara Hughes January 23, 2015 Tags: , , , , , , Stephen Bushnell + Associates No comments

Green Risk Newsletter from Stephen Bushnell + Associates

AGPOM has partnered with Stephen Bushnell + Associates as an industry partner and contributing writer for our blog and Risk Management + Sustainability articles on our Resources page.  For even more relevant and current information on green and sustainable enterprise risk management consider becoming a subscriber to the Stephen Bushnell+ Associates monthly or semi-monthly green risk newsletter.

Each edition includes an enterprise risk management commentary on some of the most critical risk based issues being managed by green and sustainable organizations. In addition you will find links to the latest information customized from our extensive survey of relevant publications. We do the research and you reap the benefits.

The newsletter is divided into areas of interest to public entities, manufacturers, real estate owners and managers, insurance professionals, the healthcare industry and more all at a reasonable cost, just $500 per year for the monthly edition and $1000 for the semi-monthly.



Contact info@stephenbushnell.com for more information.