TED Talks Sustainability: Michael Metcalfe: Financing the Fight Against Climate Change

The SSC Team June 9, 2016 Tags: , , , Strategic Sustainability Consulting No comments

Nothing inspires us like a good TED talk, and here’s one of our favorites. Enjoy it!

About the speaker: Michael Metcalfe is not a climate change expert, he’s a senior managing director and head of global macro strategy at a leading financial firm, State Street Global markets. Metcalfe’s team helps clients make smart investment decisions, not “green” decisions, so his take on financing the fight against climate change is worth a listen.  

About the talk: In 2008, following the global financial crisis, governments across the world issued an unprecedented $250 billion worth of international currency to stop the collapse of the world’s biggest banks, and save the global economy. In this TED talk, financial expert Michael Metcalfe suggests that we can follow the same unconventional steps to fund the fight against climate change and build a global commitment to a green future.


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